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Photo by J.B. Forbes

Photo by J.B. Forbes

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St. Louis Post-Dispatch

'ZZA is equally adept at a classic margherita and fun pie like the STL Summer. There the sophistication of the Rocket...and gold ol' pepperoni and spicy sausage (the Pizza Meat'zza)

The crust...conveys a personality of its own, a light but definite chew and pleasantly bready flavor.

'ZZA is the first fast-casual pizzeria where the crust is more than a ballast for your toppings.

The salads aren't an afterthought.

- Ian Froeb, Restaurant Critic, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

PHOTO BY MABEL SUEN   Pies at 'Zza include the "Thai Dye" (left) and "Postrio" (right), as well salads and even a poke bowl.


Pies at 'Zza include the "Thai Dye" (left) and "Postrio" (right), as well salads and even a poke bowl.

'ZZA is a Terrific Fast-Casual Option for Pizza - and More
Riverfront Times

'Zza serves seriously good pizza...'Zza has indeed captured the flavors of Italy on this one..."Il Greco" is like summertime on a pizza...perfectly done. I can't think of a better pizza option for that soon-to-be-scorching weather."

Perhaps my biggest surprise at 'Zza was the poke bowl, a seafood dish so thoughtful I can't believe it's coming from a fast-casual pizza joint.

You could make two meals out of the mammoth "Zza-Lafel" salad — and you'd enjoy every minute of both.

Not only does 'Zza have a seamless online ordering system, but someone will run your order outside for curbside pickup so you don't have to deal with the annoyance of getting out of your car.

-Cheryl Baehr, Food Critic, Riverfront Times

St. Louis Magazine

Here is Why 'ZZA Will Be Your New Favorite Pizza Place

(9 Reasons Why You Need to Try 'ZZA Pizza and Salad This Summer)

-Anna Zarov, Spoon Magazine