'ZZA is a Terrific Fast-Casual Option for Pizza - and More - Riverfront Times

'Zza serves seriously good pizza...'Zza has indeed captured the flavors of Italy on this one..."Il Greco" is like summertime on a pizza...perfectly done. I can't think of a better pizza option for that soon-to-be-scorching weather."

Perhaps my biggest surprise at 'Zza was the poke bowl, a seafood dish so thoughtful I can't believe it's coming from a fast-casual pizza joint.

You could make two meals out of the mammoth "Zza-Lafel" salad — and you'd enjoy every minute of both.

Not only does 'Zza have a seamless online ordering system, but someone will run your order outside for curbside pickup so you don't have to deal with the annoyance of getting out of your car.

-Cheryl Baehr, Food Critic, Riverfront Times